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Yeni Eyup Evleri Project

  • Land: 17.021 m²

  • Construction area: 77.238 m²

  • Apartments : 595

  • Social areas

  • Eyup/Istanbul


You are only one step away from the subway! In Yeni Nesil Eyup, subway is closer than ever… It is only a one-minute walk. Garden floor apartments, terrace apartments, large landscaping area, modern architecture, fitness center, 24/7 security, indoor swimming pool, shopping venues and numerous privileges…

With the indoor swimming pool, you can swim 365 days a year; you can stay fit, you can feel fit. To maintain a healthy life, you can start your day positively with an exercise in the mornings or you can blow off steam after a stressful day in the evenings in the fitness center.

Prime Contractor / Employer: Equity Capital

Building Area /: 56.600 m² Housing &

Name of the Work: Commercial Area Construction

Commencement / Finish Date: 01/01/2017 / -

Project Status: In progress



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