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Kandira 40 Beds Capacity Public Hospital Project

Kandira State Hospitali which was coordinated by TOKI, was built as a hospital with 50 beds in a 10.000m2 construction area and completed as a turn-key project.

Kandira Public Hospital provides health services in the branches of Orthopedic polyclinic, international 1 polyclinic,

Internal 2 polyclinics, Urology polyclinic, Ear, nose and throat diseases polyclinic, Infection polyclinic,

Dental polyclinic, Schildren's polyclinic, General surgery polyclinic, Female and birth clinics,

Anesthesiology and reanimation neurology polyclinic, Eye diseases polyclinic,

Chest disease polyclinic, including expert family doctors.



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