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Egal Istanbul Project

  • Location: Atasehir/Istanbul

  • Construction area:26.000 m²

  • Apartments: 5 blocks

  • Social areas


Get ready to be one of the first residents of the big transformation in the new Ataşehir Esatpaşa, to enjoy the rhythm of life and the joy of tranquility in the center of the Anatolian Side!

Close to the life, far away from the chaos…

You will be very close to the vibrant city life and find the tranquility and calmness you have been cravingfor in Egal Istanbul, built in Yeni Atasehir, one of the most special locations of the Anatolian Side…


Prime Contractor / Employer: Equity Capital Building Area / Name of the Work: 26.000 m² Housing Construction Commencement / Finish Date: 01/04/2016 / 01/10/2017 Project Status: Completed



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